New Theatre Magazine

An independent, quarterly, Print magazine...

New Theatre Magazine seeks artists who believe in magic.

New Theatre Magazine believes theatre is one of, if not the most powerful artform tool for social change—and seeks creators who believe the same. 

New Theatre Magazine seeks storytellers who aim to examine, challenge, disrupt, and transform the status quo through their work.

New Theatre Magazine believes authenticity is the only valid form of social currency.

New Theatre Magazine is for theatre makers, artists, technicians, lovers, and goers.

New Theatre Magazine aims to illuminate the conversations and work happening in domestic and regional theatre spaces around the nation and the globe.

New Theatre Magazine wants to hear personal stories about the transformative power of the performing arts.

... is now reviewing submissions for a pilot issue.

New Theatre Magazine (NTM) is an independent, quarterly, print theatre magazine currently seeking content submissions for a pilot issue to produce for a crowdfunding campaign that will help finance the production of the magazine.

Payment? Payment for accepted submissions for the pilot issue will be determined and received once funding is achieved for the magazine.

Contributors? Everyone is encouraged to submit their work. Women and people of color, queer and trans women and non-binary writers and contributors are especially encouraged to submit their work. Youth section authors must be age 13+.

What kind of content? Submissions must be theatre-related. Submissions can be literary or visual: articles, stories, scripts, comics, interviews, theatre reviews, photography, illustrations, or something NTM hasn't thought of, yet.

Acceptance? NTM does not guarantee inclusion in the pilot issue. Submissions are approved for inclusion at the discretion of the Editorial Team.

Advertisements? Find guidelines for interested advertisers below. 



File Formats: .pdf .txt .doc .docx .jpg .png -- all graphic files must be at least 240 dpi
Email your submission to: with subject: "NTM Pilot Submission"
In the body of your email: Please include an introduction about why you're interested in this project and an author bio. You are also invited to include an author photo. 


Email your interest in advertising to: with subject: "NTM Advertising Inquiry"
In the body of your email: Please include an introduction about why you're interested in this project with relevant links & info on your business.

Please feel free to contact NTM with any questions regarding this process!